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anodic alumina A fundamental challenge in nanotechnology is the deliberate and reliable manipulation of low-dimensional materials into functional nanostructures for real-life applications in energy, information, and bio-technology. We do basic research aiming at supplying the scientific understanding for the design, synthesis of low-dimensional materials, structure-property relations at nanometer length scales based on nanometrology, as well as functionalization and processing for device applications.

Our research currently focuses on (i) anodization electrochemistry, (ii) high-density non-volatile memories (FeRAM and ReRAM), and (iii) nanowire-based thermoelectrics. Our capabilities include methods to fabricate porous anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) by anodization, utrathin films of dielectric oxides by atomic layer deposition (ALD), and arrays of nanodots, nanowires as well as nanotubes by template-based approaches.

Electrochemical setups, thermal/plasma enhanced ALD system, e-beam and ion-beam sputters, as well as dry etchers are typical equipments for our nanofabrications. HR-TEM, FE-SEM, AFM probe tip-based electrical characterization, synchrotron XRD, XRR, SIMS, XPS, micro-Raman spectroscopy, PL spectroscopy are indispensable tools for investigating structure-property relations of our low-dimensional nanostructures.

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